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The Civic Sense provides a tailored research solution to guide strategy, inform growth tactics and identify the best route to your audience.

Frequently explored topics include:

  • What is the potential market size for your revenue stream within a target vertical?
  • Who is competing for this market and what share do they own?
  • What does your audience like about existing providers? What aspect of this market is not being adequately served?
  • Who are there key influencers within your target audience?
  • What are the beliefs about your product area? What will cause your audience to favourably view your offering?

The best research is that which benefits your audience. The Civic Sense produces your research in such a way that critical learnings can be published to your target vertical.

Ben is strategic and data driven, as well as an expert fundraiser. Any organisation is lucky to have his expertise.
— - Dani Gonzalez, founder dgtl fundraising

Growth Implementation

When your organisation is scaling fast or entering a new market for the first time, your in-house teams must balance daily demands with the nuance required to access a new field.  

If you get this balance wrong your new venture can fail but rushing to hire before a market is understood or proved can be an equal risk.

The Civic Sense provides a full Growth Implementation service, from prospecting through to closure; building your audience and delivering revenue.

Combined with our research services Growth Implementation gives you the insight and the entry point to access a market with confidence, achieving growth with minimum exposure.

Growth Implementation is provided by a single consultant who acts as your representative in your target market.


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